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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happy Birthday dad!

Today is my father's birthday. Family celebrations always makes me miss home and wish that I was closer to Sweden. Luckily the technology of today helps me stay in touch with my family, and today we had a nice little coffee break together via webcam. My mom, dad and grandmother were in Sweden, Justin and I on the other side of the Atlantic, and it really came close to feeling like we were in the same room. My dad showed us the wheel cap of his airplane that broke this week as he accidentally drove into a mole hill as he landed (and shared his new found hatred for moles, haha!), and we were able to see the birthday cake and the fine china they pulled out for the special occasion. It is quite special that we can share these moments with my family back home.

Today is election day in Sweden. Even though I'm not a resident anymore, I certainly is a citizen and am proud of my heritage, which explains the Swedish flag I will have as my front license plate :-X I am pimping my Jeep up to be a Swede-mobil! Anyway, I am excited about the elections and hope that we will have a shift of power and send Göran to the retirement home. I mail-voted weeks ago and will be following the "Valvaka" through the Swedish Public television's online broadcast.

I think this will be a nice Sunday. I am going to study lots, go grocery shopping and prepare for my Sales Associate meeting tomorrow morning. The weather is gorgeous, so my husband and I are going for a nice little walk this morning.

Have a great Sunday everyone!



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